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Japanese Music Reviewing Club is a gathering place for people who love Japanese - and also other Asian - music from any and all genres. Like the name says, this community is specially designed for reviewing purposes. If you have an album, a CD single, DVD release or any release related to Asian music, something you would like to share with others, this is the right place.

We love music, especially Asian music. Spread the word and tell other people about a great album, or maybe if you have listened to something really bad, tell us about it and why it should be avoided! Reviews of all kinds of Asian music releases, music DVDs included, are welcome: pop, rock, metal, hip-hop, rap, R&B, instrumental, soundtracks from anime, movies and games, classical music, dance, trance, techno... just anything, as long as it's Asian music!


*You don't need to become a member to post a review.

* Your review can be as short or as long as you'd like and it would also be greatly appreaciated if you added a picture of the CD cover to your reviews. This, however, is optional.

* No links to downloadable music, please - this means you CANNOT add links to websites with MP3s or any other music files or music videos. Links to artists' original sites or short song samples are alright. All reviews will be proof-read and any link to illegal music or video downloads will be deleted. Also, if you continually post links to illegal music/video clips, you might be banned from the club and your actions will be reported to LiveJournal staff, possibly resulting as a permanent ban from all LJ.

* Please write as good English as possible - this means no ThIs KiNd Of LaNgUaGe PlEaSe. It looks annoying, it's hard to read and it will only result as your entry being deleted. Also, use as little slang as possible - it might be very hard for non-native English speakers to understand such language. If you have problems with English grammar or are afraid of lots of typos, you can mail me (vaniljankukka [at] hotmail.com, without the spaces and the [at] replaced with the @ sign) and send your review to me. Then, I will read it, correct your mispellings and the grammar if necessary and finally publish it with your username mentioned.

*Please use normal text size when publishing your reviews and do not use colorful text. Normal editing, like bold, italic or underlined text is acceptable. If you want, you can add album scans to your reviews as well.

* If you add pictures to your reviews, please keep the size of picture small enough, 600x600 pixels at the most. If your pictures are bigger than that, resize them or use and LJ cut for them. Otherwise they will mess up the layout of the community journal.

* Most of all, enjoy the club and be nice towards other reviewers! ^_~